Canned beans, fruit, meals, and desserts for any table.

The authentic Southern flavor of Luck’s comes from slow cookin’ with the right ingredients. All of our ingredients and meals are specially seasoned and slow cooked to give you the thick, hearty sauce and flavor of the South you love. Satisfy your southern roots.

There's more to food than just taste

We come from the South, where our roots are in our families and in our food. We take pride in our recipes, passed around the table and down through generations. 

We don’t follow food trends, we listen to our gut.  That means we’re not giving up on our original pork-seasoned beans, our blackeye peas and our Southern fried apples. 

We’re sticking to our stick-to-your-ribs food. Breaded, fried and true like we’ve known since childhood and loved in adulthood.